One or Two Weeks of Delivered Paleo/Primal Meals (Up to 60% Off) – Miami-Dade only

Primal Diet Delivery

I am a chef. I cook everyday for my family. But I also have a day job and I’d love to have organic, gourmet, paleo meals delivered to me for a change and have a break from the kitchen. So bad I don’t live in Miami.

If you do live in the Miami-Dade area, The Primal Diet food delivery service is offering a great deal at Groupon where you can get either one or two weeks of meals delivered to you for less thanĀ half the price.

About The Primal Diet Service

The Primal Diet owner and head chef Jeanette Rodriguez designed her low-carb diet plan around the needs of busy modern humans. But at the same time, she also designed it with an eye towards the time-tested, protein-rich foodstuffs favored by our paleolithic ancestors. The regimen aims to imitate the intake of humankind’s early predecessors, without requiring adherents to fashion tools out of flint or ride dinosaurs to work. Primal dieters munch on healthy, grain-free meals made with meats, fish, nuts, and fresh fruits and veggies, which are arranged in modern recipes such as chicken carbonara with spaghetti squash, or Bourbon-glazed wild caught salmon with spinach. And while chefs whip up a varied, nourishing menu each week, the company’s drivers dutifully deliver each meal package to subscribers so that it’s ready to eat whenever they are.

Primal Diet Delivery

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