100% Grass-Fed Organic Meat Packages – 59% OFF

Grass Fed Organic Meat

You only have a few days left for this amazing deal by Amazon Local. [This deal is no longer available]

American Farmers Network has created 4 packages at a highly discounted price (up to 59% OFF) of their 100% grass-fed, USDA-certified organic meats, which include steaks, burgers, ham, and chicken. Even if you don’t actually use them for Easter, this is a great opportunity to stock up the freezer with awesome meat (you can buy up to 3 vouchers). It is not a surprise that already 2,863 people bought this deal already (as of today).

My favorite of the three packages is the “Holiday Entertainer”, because it includes meats I can use in a variety of dishes:

$199 ($400.74 value) for a Holiday Entertainer: boneless prime rib roast, chateaubriand (tenderloin roast), filet mignons, Louisiana style chicken breasts, ground beef, and stew meat.

The other packages include some “ready to cook” dishes, such as the “tangy lemon and sweet basil rubbed chicken breasts” or the ” sweet basil and celery rubbed pork chops”:

$99 ($239.59 value) for a Spring Celebration: filet mignons, top sirloins, chuck steaks, tangy lemon and sweet basil rubbed chicken breasts, steak burgers, and mini steak burgers – sliders

$139 ($288.09 value) for an Easter Classics: bone-in spiral ham, bacon-wrapped filet mignons, Southwestern style chicken breasts, sweet basil and celery rubbed pork chops, and ground beef

$169 ($338.69 value) for a Family Favorites: boneless prime rib roast, boneless ham, tangy lemon and sweet basil chicken breasts, Louisiana style pork chops, ground beef, and stew meat


2 thoughts on “100% Grass-Fed Organic Meat Packages – 59% OFF

  1. I would never consider buying meat offered this way unless the weight of each specific cut was clearly stated in the advertisement.
    I certainly would not ant to pay $50 a lb.!

  2. Hi Ronald,
    That’s true.
    They do specify the weight for each cut that in the packages. For example, the Spring Celebration package was composed of: (2) 6 oz. filet mignons, (2) 6 oz. top sirloins, (2) 6 oz. chuck steaks, (2) 9 oz. tangy lemon and sweet basil rubbed chicken breasts, (4) 4 oz. steak burgers, and (4) 2 oz. mini steak burgers – sliders

    Some of their cuts do cost around $45/lb, but what was good about the deal is that you could get them for half the price.

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